Poem Hunter
PN (Oct 1983 / Canada)


Poem By Punk Nona

into the abiss
of nothing new
wandering around myself
what am I do to
that I haven't yet done?
My intentions are kept
with highest regards
only purity in my thoughts-
I go where it's safe
into a den of sweet surrender.
I can be the wild beast at times;
no matter
what anyone may think
Left alone to my own device
like a child I find
everything I'm not meant to.
Best not to leave me alone; the mind
does wander a bit.
I never mean harm
though my tongue may be sharp
believe me
All I have is this love
this love
for humanity
and all it can be
all it is
is a thought I once
dreamt the sky was black and I was
the beast calls inside
me is a light I can't let out in this
room hazy with the smoke of
conversation. My head heavy
my heart lead
I remember dancing in
trance. All I desire
is love
all I have is

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