Every day when I wake up
I face the same routine of my life
Cooking, cleaning, shopping
And working like a fool
Just to pay the bills
Which are due
I often think to change my life
By moving to a paradise
I search the globe back and forth
And see where is this paradise for me?

I am tired of big city life
Where millions of people are passing me by
The hassle and the bustle
And the traffic too
Stands at still for a minute or two
While I am breathing carbon-monoxide
I often think what am I doing here?

I have no friends or family
Only five cats who love me
I look at people passing by
Lost in their world
Without a smile
How depressing the city life is
Where everybody
Faces the same life-routine
I am still looking for a paradise
Where I can hide from this routine

I want to hear the crushing waves
The bending palm trees
With coconuts everywhere
And watch the sunrise and the sunset
Over the blue waters of the sea
And feel the white sand under my feet
Where sea gulls and pelicans
Fly over the waves
In search of food and freedom
The freedom is a true life!

by Ala Morales

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