CP (4-8-72 / marlboro ma)

Routine Interupted(A 9-11poem)

I woke this morning, my routine
same as any other workday, got
myself ready, kissed my kids goodbye
made the tiresome trek to work, through
scores of people going about their day.
Settled in for a busy morn, don't know what
all the commotions about, fire you say, we
should get going, heavy smoke, can't find
my way, firefighter shouts stay low as I
head for staircase in dissaray, look back
he stays.
Can't breathe, lungs hurt, why god is this
happening to me, thoughts of my family
flash before my eyes, thunder overhead?
can't be I'm inside, pass someone on my
way downstairs, dimly lite by emergency
lights, fear, persperation, hit nerve deep
inside, building rocks again feel
something, the floor gives way, I awoke
this morning same old routine, except
I never would have thought it all
ended by heartless terrorists, and a plane
full of gasoline.
my thoughts and prayers are with all
who are suffering from this senceless tragedy

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