(June 30,1948 / New York, NY USA)

The Cows..

with the sweet groaning of the mammoth bodies,
morning began its pleasurable phase..
the sun out, from its hideout,
beyond the arid mountains there...

all sleepy heads, pick up their buckets,
and gather around those, that were of different hues...
commotion filling the shed,
all boys milking them to their best..

those eyes of the utmost innocense,
the holy mother, their devotion...
gathered, stacks of hay,
chunks of the dung lying astray..

milking done, supplies taken care of,
it's time in the heat, to take them on the way..
lying in the stagnant waters,
life, alike peacefull, let's pray...

the cooling done, the helpers fed,
they are gathered and moved to their shed..
the dung collected, on the concierge'z call..
and stuck a ninety on the rickety wall..

the evening comes, the sun takes a turn,
it's time for it to return, and the horizon starts to burn...
the boys set the shed,
its the bodies' time to rest...

the bodies dream, dreaming unknown,
the atmosphere all calm, the simplicity shown..
unknown of the complicated worldy vows,
they are our motherly cows...

by nupur singhal

Comments (6)

Everything coheres in this poem: there is a unity of experience because everything is linked into a larger whole and it is the whole that your poem grasps, which is really surprising although you make it quite convincing. I like this theme that we must leave the path and enter the beyond and THEN make that beyond part of the path, again and again, we go beyond and then return. This is a challenging view of life. It's an odyssean perspective.
One of your best writes Glen! I enjoyed its depth and the salient truths expounded on life and love. Top marks!
I like the last stanza - it is God. Wonderful poem.10.Happy New Year!
Love this! ! Absolutely enjoy the blend of humor, wit, and wisdom! ! Well, you know me, I was attracted of course to this line- -wild roads will ruin a carriage.. You picked the right images unerringly for this fantastic poem! ! 10+++++++++++++++++
A great poem laden with so many imageries, each with a specific purpose, so well chosen. Felt like going through a meditation class presided by Milarepa, the great Tibetan Buddhist Monk. Thank you dear sir for such an enlightening poem. 10+++++ Subhas
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