SG ( / Rourkela)

Roving Sky

The storm that struck sudden in eve...
Said it through the cold soft breeze.
Oh! come lets see together
Seemed as if the wind announced the advent of a new year series.

Stepping out saw i, the sky in darkened stain.
Thought to ask-' will we loose you again? '
But the cloud whispered-'good it is!
Let the past go and the new begin'.

But still with my sister i sat under the roving sky.
Wish to find happiness prompted me to try.
A sudden droplet of rain flashed on eye.
Re-opening the eye made me see a 'new born ME.'

I wished to flow with the soft wind
May on the way my childhood i find.

by Sonali Ganguly

Comments (2)

You are wishing to go back to your innocent childhood. Everyone else. Nice poem.
u r born every moment......this time bathed in rain life queen size...