Rowan Tree

Poem By Patricia Gale

Beneath the green and berry red
They flutter about
Making a melody with each wing strum
Magical lil’ creatures

Beauties of the forest
Fairies they are called by some
Protecting and guarding against the darkness
Bringing well being to babe’s milk

Sweet Rowan tree
Grace my land and grow
Ward off evil spirits
And remind me of my heritage of long ago

Dance with me in moonlight May
And I shall honor you
With my nurturing hands
And the remembrance of the one who holds my smile

Comments about Rowan Tree

Lovely fairy piece of writing. Beautiful tree.
This brought me to my childhood, I danced with fairies in my back yard then. Thank you for this.
I like the way you use fairies and other creatures (insects) in some of your nature poems. It brings the reader back to a childhood innocence, all the better to appreciate what you are saying in the poem. In this one a feeling of comfort and protection (and love) , as would a child of the forest, for her creator. A deep and talented piece.
This is such a pretty poem to read. I love stories and poems that are about nature and have the feeling of enchantment.
I was attracted to this title and especially like the second half of this poem, as it addresses the tree directly in a fine poetic way.

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4,4 out of 5
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