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Why is the sky so blue today,
Though it's raining cats and dogs?
It was your passing through this way,
Which blew away my fogs. Why do all the birds sing sweet
Though it's merely cawing rooks?
It was your sweeping winging beat,
As you sought me in my nooks. Why are colours blooming now,
Though Winter shakes it's fist?
It was the whispers from your heart,
That chased away it's mist. Why do lingering scents prevail,
When gusting winds blow tart?
It is your passioned heat keeps warm,
Emotions in my heart. Why darkest night is sudden light,
Explosions in my brain?
Why coloured lights all patterned bright?
'Tis you! 'Tis you, beats fast my heart again! Why ask why? I know the truth!
It's love which turns my world.
Better that we share, forsooth,
Unloosed, our love unfurled.

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