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GW (5/11/1947 / Kerrville, Texas, USA)


Poem By George Wootton

Oh regal crown what brow is this
that fiery thorn doth pierce.
What tear doth well in bleeding eye
for soul of man to shield.
What blood doth flow from gaping wound
upon sad earth to fall,
yet cleansing full the soul of man
from evil sin enthralled.

What cry is heard by heaven's hoard
that must turn deafened ear
for loves great pain and sacrifice
falls naught if interfered.
What prayer is this for humanity,
their pardon from death fulfill
and grant them place on heaven's throne
to rule and reign with Him.

What shaken earth and shattered sky
as life gives way to death
and royalty from heaven high
invades hells lowest depth.
What battle rages, what fear instilled
hells gloom consumed by royalty's light
as demons trod o're by heaven's king
cry out in their pitiful plight.

What key is this to hell's strong gate
in royalty's hand now gripped,
ne're again to imprison the souls
who from royalty's blood has sipped.
What hour is this of three days hence
a sepulcher opens wide,
no human hand may touch the stone
but only the Spirit inside!

What nail pierced feet from grave doth walk,
life to the king restored.
What nail pierced hands embrace the word
that sin shall reign no more!
What flight is this to heaven's throne
through mists of cloud ascend,
again to reign in power and grace,
to save the souls of men!

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