Rt.78 East Bound

finding yourself entangled between clouds
only fog in the distance
making it to see the end
of a very small earth
the matted leafs still damp
but nothing is considered cold
exept how this day feels
so far away lost between the dismal colored trees
bare of bloom and life
somewhere lies the answer to a bottomless hole
dig deeper though a mist
slight breeze against a white sky
a bird screams unseen
never has quiet been so friendly
it's not alone, but something else
grabbing at figures of the air
smoothing over flesh
the air is heavy
the veiled sun looses its light
velvet covers the background of the black branches
a moth caught between a windowsill for too long
he won't let go the child's wrist
she just wants to go home

by Nellekke Tak

Comments (1)

Do you live near Buffalo by any chance...b/c route 78 goes through there. Anyways, great poem and I enjoyed your storytelling and your vivid description. I definitely felt it. Top marks! -Michael