Rtfm 08 Planck Verse

When poetic compression of meaning
Passes a quantum threshold
(The Blanck Length?)
Ambiguities arise.
The soundcolors and rhythms of words
Present alternative meanings.
Punza bound.
Assonance and dissonance intervene.
Group memories resonate
Variegating meaningspace.

Meaning becomes a matter of probability
Of parallel possibilities in multiple dimensions.
Ordinary rules of communication
Do not apply at this level of compression.

by Stewart McKenzie

Comments (4)

I like this although it does seem a bit over done or could we say overwhelmed by uncertainty which was Bohr's point, I suppose. It reminds me of a poem I wrote to address the conflict between science and superstition with a geometric allusion that few would know to whom I was referring. Riemann to the Rescue Eye do not believe in Halloween It has no coordinates to define its space Ghosts are but points They have no pairs No black and right No left and white No rulers or length Curvature templates or pi And that is why Gödel no longer trusted signs And catholic nuns kicked the habit Keep up the good work. Fyshicists need all the metaphors they can dream up. Alan Bender
Is this the only Quantum poem you've written? A beautiful little uni-verse. Perhaps you'll expand upon it? I also like John Tiong Chunghoo's below, esp. 'rain covered roses a bed of wet dreams'. -chuck
This doesn't strike a chord with me...perhaps too technical for my poor old brain...but it is interesting. Raynette
inspired by your poem: poetic eyes see the world in so many shades and styles real and imainged poetic wonder the rainbow becomes an angel's shawl the sea god's scroll as he paints the sky rain covered roses a bed of wet dreams lightning, thunder and storm god exhiting his power......