A Thankful Heart

A heart full of thanks,
A good morning smile,
For readers like you,
As honey in a vial.

I'm touched from deep within,
By your lovely and kind words,
Such gracious opinions from you,
So sweet as ever I've heard.

I'll try to keep on writing,
Until the bitter end,
For writing is such a pleasure,
To be shared by all my friends.

So I'll keep the ink a flowing,
Of my heart it's joy delight,
How readers became friends,
And it happened over night.

Franklin Spriggs
July 24,2008

by Franklin Spriggs

Comments (3)

This one goes down well : -) well done, regards, Seán
Of course - the glottal stop of Estuary English, and jellied eels...
A delicious tidbit...here's hoping you are not often forced to eat your own words. Well done! Kenneth