Rubaiyaat I-Xv

Poem By Z H Khan

All Praise is for Allah
Who burdened me with pain
And bent my stiffened neck
Into sajda once again...

The weight upon my shoulders
Pushed me closer to the floor
Facedown on the earth
I found refuge once more


All praise is to my Lord
Who permitted me to sin
I thank Him for repentance
And the love I found therein


Let all vice be abolished
I say we need it not
I do not need to burn myself
To know that fire's hot

You say I cannot know
Unless I partake as well
I say I can know heaven
Without being first in hell

vi- (Ramadan)
I seek refuge in Allah
From evil and my self
Being this month same
And I alone to blame


vii- (Sa'im)
Arms, legs, limbs
Arranged around a hole
And still the empty body
Not as hungry as the soul.


Faith need only whisper
Lips need barely part
The angels of your Lord
Write the longing of your heart


Place gently, my young worshipper
Your head upon the floor
God asks that you be humble
Not limb-weary and sore

Kneel gracefully, young worshipper
For it is no less than art
And the motion of submission
Is a still and restful part


xi- (Infinity)
They told me to count my blessings
I told them I hadn't the time
My body hadn't the breath
My language hadn't the words


My Lord gave nail and hammer and commanded man to build
Man put nail to his brother's back and promptly drove it in
My Lord gave man the tool but He also gave the choice
How dare you blame my Lord for the evil of your sin!


xiii- (Regrets)
To think that I have wept for the fourteen hundred years
That have passed between the time of the Messenger and I
Yet spent my night in play while he in longing tears
Lord guide me by his piety before I too should die.


If ever you should find me
In prayer, in tears, at night
Don't ask me what's wrong
For once, things might be right.


xv- (The intellectual is sometimes suffocated under the weight of his own arguments)
Seek seek seek, and man says ye shall find
But man for all his seeking has left his faith behind
Swiftly how he races now in philosophical discontent
Tightly how his eyes closed now to plain truths that his Lord has sent.

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its seems you are a great worshipper and follower of ISLAM.

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