Once we went aboating
On the Ganges…………
The pale winter moon rose above the old cemetery
We remember we talked
We could not hear each other
Though the wind was not disturbing.
I do not remember what the sky looked like,
There was a sky…sure
Time is short.

I have no time and have too many problems to solve
I sip in a problem with every sip of tea
I inhale a problem with every puff at my cigarette
Put on a new problem every time
I change my coat…
When shall I love
And write you poems?
Dearest ,
Give me a God
Give me a God to think of
Give me a God to escape.
Ah,it is pleasant
We are sitting ,simply sitting
Sitting silently.
I have so many things to tell
Which I know I cannot ,shall not tell

Last night I talked with me
Of too many this and that….
I was in an anguish to tell

But now
This is enough…we are sitting .
The sun above is throwing little pebbles of its rays
Through the leaves of the tree,
They are falling on your nose,lips and arms
Not on mine
We are sitting ,sitting…….
We have had our talk

by Nabakanta Barua

Comments (6)

Thanks for that smile on my face. :)
Rubbish in a witty way..: -)
World class rubbish.: -) LOL. BTW if I added all the seconds I spend reading your work it will ended into minutes not in econds.; -): P
Hahaha, this made me laugh. Very clever, Charles.
Thanks for making me smile. Rubbish poem by the way! lol Just jesting. 10 from in need of cheer! Tai
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