Rugged Lines And Guiding Hands

I’ve been up,
I’ve been down,
Then I come back,
Come back around.
Each time I switch
I glow anew,
Each time I change,
I change for you.

I struggle on
Among these hills,
They raise me up,
They keep me still,
They stop my heart,
Oh what a sight!
They keep me up
Day and night,
Because I want to live
Up in the heights,
I want to see
Those breathless sights.

If I could take
One thing with me,
I’d take the day
You set me free.
You set me free
Atop the slopes
Where I could roam,
Where I could joke,
Where I could stray
And look for charm,
And I’d be safe
Safe from harm
With my angel
A-watching me,
With your love
Protecting me.

Be my angel,
Watch over me,
I need your love,
Please help me.

by Stuart Doggett

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