Rule Of My Love Goodbye

After you left with no goodbye
Tear in your eyes for damage
Claim by you
You saw what you want to see
Make believe your fantasy
Of you can have your cake
And eat it also
Don’t play fool with me
see what I'm look at
You can hide who you be
It’s plain to observe
You never been real or true
Not to me or to your self
Play your games a loser like you be genuine
Always trying to cheat
You option to be wrong to me
To do it to me first before I get chance
To do you
Play the game by your rules
And you still lose
I'm right here for you
If you stop play with life
I can be your prize
try being your self
person that I feel affection intended for
your first correct move
To return my love
Like I give to you
With no fear of ever being hurt
It only move for you
It your checkmate in love
You can only move toward me
No more game to be play
No problem to be had
If you follow the rule of my love

by George Jerone Jefferson

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