There are rules and regulations, just to occupy this hut
They add many hassles too, a pain in the butt.
A hard hat and boots now, that’s not so bad
Heck if something fell off the top, you would really be glad
Long sleeves and trousers you are to wear, to protect you from the rays
A thick and woolly coat, for those winter summer days.
On the phone to ring transgrid, its Bob or Bill on the line
Yes I’m here on fire watch, the weathers nice and fine.
Worst of all you cannot go, above a metre tall
Just in case you lose your step, and down the tower fall.
Too stop this from happening to you, a harness you must wear
And keep it on all the time, even in the chair
Don, t be caught without it, It could mean the sack
So just in case of snoopers, it pays to watch your back.

by Ivan Pine

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