AA (March 23 / The Sunshine State)

Rules To Live By

Please just do not swear
For it makes an angry bear

If you tell an alibi
Big monsters will make you cry

In Cincinnati do not spit
For on the ground is where you'll sit

Do not disrespect Uncle Sam
For he won't give you any ham

Always keep your bedroom clean
Then your mom won't get so mean

Carolyn has a snake,
But it's not fake,
So do not take
Its piece of cake

If you see a flying book
Pick it up and through it look

Parrots copy everything you say
So do not cuss unless they are away

Don't say 'Santa Claus' to Mr. Stacey
Want to know why? Just ask Macy

Jesus is the best of all
He even loves you when you're small
If you follow all his rules
You will not get kicked by mules

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