MMB (08/02/1997 / Nyiräny, Rumbek)

Rumbek The Destroyed City

Rumbek the destroyed city.

"Come to Rumbek and let it be rebuilt!
Let the city of Rumbek be restored.
A fire flame come from the north
A blaze from the east
It burn the city of Rumbek and all its towns
From Rumbek east to Wulu
From the northern part to all its corners.

It destroyed the rulers of Agaar community

What sorrows await you, Oh people of Rumbek!
You are finished,Oh worshippers of Satan
The Magic believers and Idol worshippers
Who gave their powers, trust and beliefs to the gods of the earth
The gods of Darfur, Congo and Nigeria
The gods of Ethiopia and Equatoria

Rumbek has left her son's and daughters as refugees in foreign lands
As slaves in western World

We have completely destroyed ourselves
From Akot to Maper
From Luɛl to Roor-nhom.
We have completely wiped ourselves out of our own homeland
As far away as the borders of the city.

Oh Rumbek, the destroyed city".

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