KL (unknown / the womb)


Being real, true, peaceful
Showing you care
May cause others to think it...
People Carrie baggage from their past.
Clogging up the sift'er
In a new relationship.
An 'all-in' sharing is at hand
On an honest tip
You can be real and hip.
If one hole in the sift'er
Is clog
The new relationship
Headed for the fog
Your baggage may cause
Hearing problems...or
Second guesting
Beware of that.
'No holds barred'
In earnest of a new relationship
Sure there maybe some...
Swelling of the past
But remember it was that,
That wasn't honest,
That did not last.
So lose the baggage
Free your hind part
An 'all-in' sharing must be
One objective.
You can do it...
And still be be protective.
P.S. you lose more by
Being honest and that
Which is left...
IS for you.

by kwane Lamb

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