Poem Hunter
NLL (17.05.1981 / The Molten Core)


Poem By Not Long Left

like an advanced cancer it spread,
eager ears twitched in twisted glee,
growing and never slowing
the rumour bled,
into a hungry hormonal sea.

like a hurricane,
it came,
determined to find it sole victimn,
and when its forceful hate hit him,
his world came crashing down.

a million mouths, moving in unison
saying those words he had hidden deep inside,
but when rumours surface you can never hide.

the big boys the small boys even there mothers,
sniggered and whispered,
in the playground of debate,
how so much hate can generate,
i shall never know.

He told his teachers but they already knew,
he told his counsellor but she knew too,
rumours are welcomed,
but there repercussions are not,

for to long this dragged on,
so one night alone in his home,
after dissmantling the phone,
he took 33 pills,
laid on his bed,
and in his head,
named all those who had
made him suffer,
by the 17th name,
his brain stopped,
and so did all those wicked words.

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