A Deaf Adder

You are controlled by the beat and bridle,
And you are dark and slippery!
However, praise is comely for the upright.

Dance for joy when you have hope!
For, we will surely fly away one day with,
The wings of the love.

Dove, love, above, move, clove, rove, prove, wove;
And like a deaf adder! !
But, the venom of serpents are around us always.

Drove, hove, strove, glove, stove, grove, shove, cove;
And like the teeth of the young lion!
However, the he-goat is now from your folds.

The heat of burning thorns!
But the humble shall hear and shall have joy;
However, i am weeping for the night! !
For, the perfection of your beauty is like,
A deaf adder in your neighbourhood.

Joy in the morning is not all that i need,
Because, the mule has no understanding;
And, the hart pants after streams of water.

My soul thirsts for your love!
And my mind will not rest until i find you my love;
But, praise is comely for the upright.

One she-goat from your folds!
From the land of the living to satisfy my muse;
And like a deaf adder in your neighbourhood,
But this journey of mine starts from the hills of love.

by Edward Kofi Louis

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Comments (5)

Sad poem. I think everyone feels like giving up at one time or another. What makes us stronger people is how we work through those feelings. I feel like....you can't win the fight if you arn't here. With suicide, there's no way around it...you lose. Moving poem David, I hope you are doing better today. Sincerely, mary
It should be - The pain eventually passes. avr
I can relate. Tempted but not an option. Life goes on. We have no choice. The eventually passes- as it must. avr
heh dude all you are going to see is a bloody red devil, you can write better stuff then this, git yourself a big mirror five or six candle's turn the light off and you gonna see the best light you ever seed, if you wanna seed a tunnel git yourself a pair of horse blinkers, put em on great tunnel youse trully billy
Hmmm, this is a little worrying really.. I hope it is fantasy or metaphor. Be well. Sx