DG (9/19/1963 / )

Run Amok................

Tonight i will take my own life.
raise the bar a little, and see
how red this blood is.tonight
i will wolow in this pain, bath
myself in it, and curse this
plight with my mouth and hands,
tonight i shall see if theres a
bright light or a tunnel with
ghost and demons, tonight
the fat lady sings.......


Comments (5)

Sad poem. I think everyone feels like giving up at one time or another. What makes us stronger people is how we work through those feelings. I feel like....you can't win the fight if you arn't here. With suicide, there's no way around it...you lose. Moving poem David, I hope you are doing better today. Sincerely, mary
It should be - The pain eventually passes. avr
I can relate. Tempted but not an option. Life goes on. We have no choice. The eventually passes- as it must. avr
heh dude all you are going to see is a bloody red devil, you can write better stuff then this, git yourself a big mirror five or six candle's turn the light off and you gonna see the best light you ever seed, if you wanna seed a tunnel git yourself a pair of horse blinkers, put em on great tunnel youse trully billy
Hmmm, this is a little worrying really.. I hope it is fantasy or metaphor. Be well. Sx