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Run Away
JD ( / )

Run Away

I want to run away
I cannot take the people here anymore
Everyday and everyone, all the same
I cannot take it any more
I need to find a place
Where I can go and no one can bother me
Somewhere way away from here
I want everyone to go away
And then go even farther.
There is too much drama and stress
All of this I can’t take
My life is a mess
Everyone said this year is going to be hard
I never imagined it would be like this
This is not hard though,
This, this is cruel and unusual
To make me deal with these people
All these foolish, dazed, incompetent people.
I just need to run, and get away from here.
And I don’t want anyone to find me
And if I decide to come home,
I want someone to remind me to run

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