WG (15th February,1980 / Darjeeling)

Run. By Wangdi Gyalpo

Suffocated am I now
With my own emotions
And witnessing tumult
Of contradictory thoughts.

Tender and fragile
Bosom of mine
Has transformed…
Into a field of chaos.

My whole existence
Seems to me an alien
Toiling, walking
And surviving
In the midst of alien beings.

Every where I go…
I see with an ache
In my heart
These alien being
In company…
Celebrating, mourning
And mingling with each other.

In such case…
I beguile myself
And pretend to forget
My existence.

But, as my luck would have
When darkness surpasses
I find myself alone
And I ask questions
To self…
Why am I here?
Where am I here?
And what made me come here
In this alien planet?

Then flight of memories
Flash in my eyes
Making the vague painting
Of your visage
And I see vividly
You standing far
Stretching warm arms.

Then filled with powerful emotions
I run towards you…
I run and run
But still distances are there.
I feel fatigue
And with lachrymose eyes
I say…
I give up…
I give up.

Then with
Overwhelming smile in your visage
You whisper…
Honey! It's our love trial
And we must win.

Now recharged…
I wipe my tears
And then I run…

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