Run To The Darkness

I want to walk the other side
Have others taste the tears I've cried
This need in me will not subside
So to the dark I run and hide

I curse the ones who led me here
Inside these walls I disappear
The punishment was most severe
My eyes reveal my darkest fear

Come watch me as I dig my grave
To the dark I've become a slave
It is the touch of death I crave
As I have no soul left to save

The stench of sadness and despair
Fill my lungs with poisonous air
And although I am quite aware
I breathe in deep without a care

With venomous blood I will stain
Hearts of those causing me great pain
Scouring them with acid rain
My demise will not be in vain

by tiyler durden

Comments (4)

Dear Tiyler durden, I just wanted to inform you there is a girl on another poetry sight that I am in that has typed your poem and says it is hers. I've been investigating her after I read her 'poem' that was a well known quote. I hate plagerizm (sorry bad spelling) anyway I just wanted to tell you I liked your poem I'll give you the link to this girl's just incase you want to confront her or something http: //
You are just getting so good tiyler, you describe how most poets feel far too much of our time, just remember you are not alone and these feelings of despair will lift. Here take this breath of me I send...whoooooooooooosh! There now? Grinning at you,10 from your friend, Tai
I agree with Grey Ter.....great write man......Lekkeer dave
Dark though this is its well written with good flow and also fascinating piece of poetry.