PP (03/06/1959 / Chicago)


Runaway into the night
Runaway without a fight
Have you slept at all tonight?

Have you thought about your future?
This is not something you can suture
This is such a hard way to mature

Do you have shoes on your feet?
Do you have enough to eat?
Are your plans set in concrete?

You think that this will solve
The problems you can't resolve
Are now problems that will compound?

It's not too late, but the clock tics
Come back and face the music
It might be over quick!

Come back and share your feeling
Things aren't always what they seem
Come back, and let out a scream

Share your pain, and let your healing begin
You're feeling are swirling as they spin
Let the hope of love get under your skin

And bring you back home again

by Pookey's Poems

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