(08-30-60 / Metro Manila, Philippines)


We're two different souls
From each side of the world
Joined by electron's flow
In the cyber's underworld

We know its incorrect,
When hearts and souls connect
To savour each moment
On the highways of the net

Just as we write texts on a screen
Tooled with a webcam for us to see
This instant love from a distant land
Of stolen passion in progress situation

How can we kiss if
it's blown to the screen
How can we touch
if the warmth is missed
Can this love be sure...
If this real or reel?
This cant be true...
And we're just another fool

When reality invades
In this land of flesh
As we subject to the tests
Between deception and trust,
It's a come and go love
Like a runaway train
A fantasy that cant break,
But there must be a way...

With doubts and pain,
And almost insane
You know deep inside
We're unsure of this game
With snide remarks
As others come our way,
Im blind and deaf to say
If this is love, baby...

...I am willing to pay!

***originally titled IN BETWEEN CYBERSPACE

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