LT ( / Santa Maria, California)

Runnin' (In Circles)

So Iwrap a curtain around my body-
it's like playin' dead
sittin up straight
(runnin' in circles)
(missin' the bus)
and the couch is like a coffin
I'm sinkin' sinkin' sinkin' into it.

There is a beat to bein' beaten,
'least that's what they told me
but three days without eatin'
and anything becomes certain.
(do I really hear your voice?)
(God, did I ever even have a choice?)

Yeah, I can't figure out where I'm goin'
Just runnin' in circles
just circling another year.
And God I can't go anywhere,
but I'm sick of staying here.
and I'm thinkin thinkin' thinkin'
that maybe this is your plan
but this time don't let it be
me just thinkin' again.

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