SE (July 19,1991 / Calgary AB)


Running far from home,
running to where I want to be alone,
running non - stop,
maybe I'll find somewhere to jump off,
not looking back,
notcing I didnt pack,
relizing I didn't have to,
cause I am finaly running away from you,
I'm running with everything far behind,
so you can't look for something you can't find,
I'm starting to run out of breath,
I can't stop now,
I'm close to my death,
I've finaly found the perfect spot,
where I can lay alone and begin to rot,
I close my eyes and think of black,
then it comes in my mind should I go back? ,
and as my eyes are cloesed tight,
I feel something so right,
I open them,
and I see him,
the love of my life,
who has saved my strife,
he grabed my hand,
and helped me up,
as I was thinking now what,
he grabed me close and held me tight,
right then and their I seen the light,
I do have something to live for,
and I could'nt ask for more.

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I'm so glad in the end of your poem you realized you had something to live for. We are all here for a purpose, realizing that purpose is key. We must learn to think positive and not harbor negative thoughts, afterall what you send out will surely come back. Melvina