JS (a sun bathed day in the middle of winter / the streets of imagination)

Running Away

Suppressed voices
Screaming to be heard
Sore throats
From constant abuse
Beliefs shoved aside
Just because
We’re rebellious teens
Do they ever think
We just want to be heard
To be recognized
To be respected
Not shoved aside
As if we don’t know
What we’re talking about
Expected to be perfect
They don’t understand
It’s human nature to fail
To fall
But we get back up
And continue screaming
We might as well be mute
For all the attention we get
Thoughts of running away
Fill our heads
It’d be better out there
Not expected to be perfect
Not expected to bend to their will
Pressured by parents
Looked up to by friends
And thoughts of escaping
Are like bliss
Running away
To where no one knows you
No one can force you
To be the perfect little child
Your parents expect you to be

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I understand this totally, and sympathise with you, so much on little shoudlers, we must try and be more respectful and caring towards the younger generations needs This is great writing Love duncan X