Running From The Dark

Poem By Lumvouris Webb

Running from the fear
Wanting to disappear
Wishing for seclusion
Only finding delusion
Knowing nothing but pain
Dreaming things would change
Waking to things the same
Seeing pain and sadness
Dealing with anger and madness
Knowing not what is true
Nor what it means to you
But through it all knowing this:
As we are plunged into the black abyss
Minds blackened, bending to another's wish
We slowly die and become the dark
Fading away and losing our heart
I stand alone both dark and alive
Watching you live, watching you die
We are both different and yet the same
For like you I wish to go back to whence I came
But unlike you who I die in vain
I am cursed to live a life in sadness and pain
As you feel your misconceptions of joy and happiness
I see my realizations of anger and madness
My words are of my own mind
I say so for you to understand my rhyme
To you I have yet to lie
For in my mind in truth I have died
So now I end with one last line:
In the end the darkness wins with time

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