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Running On Empty
RY (September 1947 / Penna)

Running On Empty

Poem By Robert Yborra

When you're Running On Empty
You're getting mighty close to Me
When You're Running On Empty
It's time to Fill Up with Mercy

When you're Running On Empty
On Life's Highway and Feel Alone
Remember Mercy's waiting
To Fill You Up - When you come home

When you're Running On Empty
And you're running out of gas
Remember - I don't see your failures
I see your Future - Not the Past

When you're Running On Empty
And you think the gas price is too high
Just remember 'I'm the Charge Card'
And my account is not too high

In Fact - I Just Remember
I Overpaid It - Long Ago
And I remember when - I Paid It
The Blood - It Really Flowed

It was at that Filling Station
You know the one at Calvary Hill
I was parked between two thieves
And one of them was filled

You see he knew he missed it
He was Running On Empty
But then he looked Me in the Face
And he asked - 'Remember Me'

My Eyes Sparkled when I Heard That
And My Heart - It Leaped Within
My Eyes told him - He Was Forgiven
I would share 'Paradise with Him'

You see Son - I have a PASSION
It's My Heart - It's Driving Me

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