JB (07/01/89 / bellefonte pennsylivania united states)

Running On Knives

gotta run gotta go
can't stay while you run away
i know you never stay
but still i'll chase you
i'll keep running on these knife
cutting my feet with every step
till i feel the loss
i know i must never stop

i know i can't fall of this path
less i stumble into the darkness
to lose you forever

i know i must never stop
less i lose sight of you
and finally let you get away

i know now the blood
running up my body
can only be the first sign

i know it will be the only thing
that will stop me from catching you
blood draining but i know i can't stop

feeling the loss
but i know i can't stop
so just keep pushing through
with all your hate in hand
stop using your will
just let your hate drive you till the end

gotta run gotta go gotta run faster
if i ever hope to catch you
if i every hope to see your face again
gotta stay ontop of this knife
gotta stay on this path
can't let it kill me
just gotta run...
... till i have no choice....
.... but to fall

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