Running Out Of Words

Running out of words.
Yet thoughts remain with feelings felt.
But words to share what is there,
Are nowhere around to be found.
Perhaps this is God's way,
Of preventing me,
From hopping away from someone...
With a foot in my mouth.
And I am made to sit.
While my patience is being tested.
Since God knows,
Rolling my eyes and yawning.
Is not the most respectful thing to do,
When in social gatherings.
And the host,
Who lays out a terrific buffet...
Is also known to be a bore.
These are the thoughts.
Remaining with me with feelings felt.

"You're leaving?
So early.
The night...
Is still young."

-I know.
I don't want to grow too old.
Not to be able to appreciate the rest of it.
You have no idea how long I wish I could stay.

"Your humor?
Such a teaser.
It's unique."

-And your party?
I found it to be...
God knows I can not find the words,
To describe the time I had.-

"Well I am pleased.
Many come to just eat to then leave.
And you?
I'm not going to forget your smile.
Have a good night."

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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