VG (24/01/1979 / Epsom, East Surrey)

Running To You

Saw this point, to where I know I belong
And never known sensations, so strong
Until your face, was in my minds eye
And I felt this love, without asking why

Many walls to break down, to reach you
But always knowing, that you are true
Leaving behind the flames, of the past
Reaching for your arms, a warmth at last

Where’ve you been hiding for so long?
Destiny locked away, until I was strong
Amongst shadows, of my own darkness
But now I am not alone, into this bliss

For your eyes only, will see me this way
When I am embraced, for a better day
As your love inside me, grows unending
Only for the warmth, you are sending

I would now loose myself, in this night
As I am so drawn, to your heart in sight
And your arms waiting, to caress pain
So I am never to feel, that way so again

On this city building, roof top, I now cry
Your name to the stars, of this dark sky
That only you, could ever hear my call
Like the wolf now singing, from the soul

Be not afraid; I have fallen for your heart
And let loves grip in time, to play its part
As I am not scared, of any sense of furore
Because this time round, I am damn sure

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