EPW (13/4/1993 dd/mm/yyyy / Greymouth, New Zealand)

Ruptured Heart

My heart aches for you,
My heart bleeds for you,
I need you here now,
I need you here now.

Love me, please,
I need you,
Love me now,
I need you.

I can’t sleep at night,
It’s because of you,
Please end my torture,
It’s you that I want,
You are the true one,
That will end my pain,
Love me like you want,
And have wanted to.

It’s you that fuels me,
It’s you that fulfils,
So please fuel me now,
So please fulfil me,
It pains me to see,
You with another,
Even though I,
I can’t be with you.

Ruptured Heart,
Please leave me,
Ruptured Heart,
It needs you,
Ruptured Heart,
It’s still here,
Ruptured Heart,
I want go.

If I could be yours,
And you could be mine,
Ruptured Heart of mine,
Would leave me for good,
This pain that you give,
Tears me apart,
You won’t let me be,
Can you set me free.

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