When the night is so quiet
I think I can see your face in the light
Under the shining moon, cold part of cosmic
Hanging on the tree of stars and galaxies

I feel so deeply down that I can’t take a breath
Some air is just different than what we always breathe
Since I couldn’t sleep at all, my eyes only see through reality
As a perplexing shape of dream, nothing less than an illusion

And I still can’t forget your smell inside my head
Your words are running around, with two lips kissing mine
Someone might be watching me dancing, yet I feel no shame
What good it will be if I can only wish the day to pour the rain?

Just before this view ends here and I got nothing to defend
Maybe it’s just another way around to love someone better
It hurts like hell to give up, but that’s the only thing I can
Until the shy faceless memories come back and start a fire

by Alexander Foald

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