Rushing To Hug A Tree

I could If I wanted,
To be stuck in deep stuff.
With an analyzing done,
As if I was there to fix and correct...
What suited my comprehension,
And my intellect.

But as I grow older,
I've selected a more basicness in life.
Like taking a walk around the neighborhood.
And saying hello to folks I had once disliked.
I don't know why.
I try hard to earn a smile from others,
These days.
Of course they hesitate.
I would too.

There is nothing like being cautious.

I could If I wanted,
To be stuck in deep stuff.
Dressing the part of an aristocrat...
With my nose lifted high.
And my butt corked up!

But today I find myself,
Rushing to hug a tree.
Listening to the birds sing.
And seeking harmony.

Perhaps I have arrived to enjoy,
A certain 'maturity'.
That combines an appreciation,
I've discovered that heightens...
The level of my tolerance.
With a wish of it to be judgement free.
An acknowledgement my aches and pains,
Have become overnight...
A useless fight against priorities.
My feet and knees keep reminding me of this.

I've grown to value the ease of simple movement.
Who knew,
I would come to find this pleasurable.

'And yes,
I did go to high school with your grandparents!
What's the point you're making?
I carry this twig to show my appreciation for nature.
You do not see me attempting to use it as a cane!
You kids are so disrespectful.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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