Rushing Touch Of Love

You have opened the window to my heart.
The air is fresh.
And the dew that sits...
Lifts with the dawning Sun.
You have removed the clouds from my eyes.
My sight is clear.
The trees appear so majestic now.
The carpet of grass caresses the ground.
A family of flowers surround me with their fragrance.
And a patience to know them by name.
When you hold my hand I tingle.
Our kisses are as sweet...
As any bee can create to comb in hives.
I am alive with this awakening to me gifted.
I can not resist its magneticness.
You have opened the window to my heart.
Had I left it closed in darkness...
I would have still felt rain and thunder!
But now the storm I feel...
Is the pounding of my heart.
And the tears that have come.
Knowing someone like you...
Has thrusted upon me this rushing touch of love!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (2)

A beautiful ode to love, a touch of the old world, the spice of the new world, perfectly balanced by Lawrence. Cheers, Anita
This is the best poem I have read by you Lawrence and that is saying something when compared to the rest of your high standard of work You are a true gentlemen a a fine artist There are times after reading your works that, , , , , , I Stand In Awe! This has been one of those times LOVE AND LIGHT Love duncan X