Rust Minds

We look into Rust Minds that see the past.
We go to a rain of gold that see's lake's in gold fire water.
Sometimes we have a burning magnification
Burning eyes that see into past nightmares.
We have a passage of time that see's Rust Minds coming.
We look into duration of matter ring Rust Minds.
Go to a place of tunnel time Rust Minds.
Like wave's that bounce into a pattern of rage Rust Minds.
Burning games of a sound that become's low.
We see tide's that come into sing all the Rust Minds.
Feel wisdom moons in fearless age of waters.
Wisdom moons see a rage of earthen ware electricity.
Winds telling a tale in wisdom moons flow in distance play,
Feel wisdom moons in times of play in moon bound.
Rust Minds play a game of wisdom minds
Moon inductor in sky's of distance wisdom moons.
Going to a tale of a moon sky.
Go buy a rain of time.
Seeing slow knowing eyes is here.
Right path in the way gold matter slows down.
Now in a time of a mind.
Last see the time is still.
Color's like red wine like nine
Together like gold mind like a blue sky,
Desire in gold together in eye's right's in the gold river.
River's go slow, River's go in gold. Gold like ring fly's.
Rings in eyes toys in eyes play the games of fly's.
Wise where the gold was
Wise where the gold is to be the gold eye,
Desire in minds fire in eye's,
Minds going to sea.
Rides going fast.
Wise in desire water's like the games that don't stop
You feel air in ways that don't say.
So feel Rust Minds today and always.

by Eric Lehr

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