Rusting To Treasure

Breaking away,
From a past to escape those barriers... Fixed.
Without leftover homesick wishes,
To keep them emotionally revisited.
And with determination to be stagnation free.
Can only deliver benefits to receive.
That leaves a mind kept healthy to experience,
A wealth of enriching fresh opportunities.
Unrestricted by those yesterdays gone.
To have been blessed to have survived.

Many denying are still left trying,
To relive and remind themselves...
How things use to be.
Instead of accepting what has come.
With it done to move on.
And no longer remains in existence.
Regardless of what is kept rusting,
To treasure.
Or compared to be measured in the back,
Of fading minds collecting rust.
As if,
Standards to brag of them valued...
Have stayed immuned,
From progress and the affects..
Of changes made.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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