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Ruthi's Poem
AD (6/13/85 / Oklahoma City)

Ruthi's Poem

Sailing by unconscious of life
Like a fantasy that isn't real
There's no pain, there's no strife
All this pain inside that I can't feel

Is this heaven that I'm in
Or is it the hell that's been waiting for me
Either way, I like where I've been
Flying everywhere that lets me be free

Above the clouds is where I play
Down in the dirt, deep in the grave
That is where you see me lay
Feeling as if I were so brave

My spirits are lifted high
But my heart is crushed like glass
It feels like I will die
As the trees lie dead on the grass

Where have I been? Where am I going?
All of the roads lead to an end
In all my life, never knowing
That my life will soon end

What is this life we speak of?
I don't really know, but the lights have gone off
Giving of unwanted love
As I cough my last cough.

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My sister wrote this poem, ironically... before she died.