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Ruwatan Of My Mother
PU (07-01-1949 / Kutoarjo)

Ruwatan Of My Mother

My grandma had planned ‘ruwatan’ a long time ago
In front of her house
They build a stage for playing a pupit shadow play
From day to night
Where neighbour, friend, and visitor from random ranking came
I run anywhere, nobody care about me
Where all people busy with their duties
Only one focusing to prepare meal for prayed together
To the God for saving my mother from the angry of Batara Kala
Ruwatan ceremony
In the stage in front of my grandma house
Dalang, play the pupit shadow
Where the Batara Kala still angry
To all people just play play along the time
They do not work hard and pray together to the God
To avoid the God Angry
My grandma present the pupit shador for along the day to night
With the religious meal from various fruits, animal
Dalang lead pray together
While he play the pupit shadows
As long as harmony with the ruwatan story
Ovoid the God (Batara Kala) not to become angry
To punish my mother and her big family
Her only my grandma doughter
From her complicated sins
But I saw at the end of my mother life
She laid in the hospital bedroom for a month
With mny pipe to help her respiration
And for eat her foods
But my mother know
She does’t like to die there
At the end of her time, batara Kala pick up her soul
In her friends house
In Yogyakarta
When member of the family
She sound-asleep forever
Alone to the promise of land
Her only message to the youngest son
To choice his wife from a good parents
To be carefull be a good heart

August 05 - 2005

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