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Rwandan Hymn

A gift to the wind - rampaging unmercifully through Rwanda's 10,000
Hills - are the reverberating, shrieking screams of terror...How could
This miniature Jewel Of The Nile, adorned with African blue
Violets and green velvet valleys, nestled in blushing sunrise splendours-
Yield such atrocities? Hypnotic, in the medieval acorn - ethnic challenges
Of Hutu and Tutsi erupt - until "Die Tutsi Die!" thunders
Through the velvet valleys to the ritualistic beat of the
Tom-tom. In the half-light of a near breaking dawn,
Bronzed barefoot executioners wielding machetes diabolically decapitate body and spirit-
Smearing the whole of Civilization. Innocent's Day streams forth with
Children felling Children. Above this Dark Continent - the sun, moon,
And stars hide their eyes. A campaign of genocide - evokes
Barbarian spectres of Genghis Khan and Attila The Hun. Ancient
Human sacrifices - differ only in time and place - on Molech's
Altar of man's inhumanity to man. Spellbound - Satan - slithers through
This ceremonial land of Voodoo, Taboo, and Juju - not unlike
The crocodile - who concludes no covenant of peace. Look! the
Bright Morning Star appears on the blue horizon luminescent with
Truth of The Millennial Dawn. "You, Are My Faithful Witnesses, "
Saith Jah, God of gods. "You, Are My Faithful Dead...."

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