Poem Hunter
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)


You are the poet of all poets,
The one that has a bright side to every doom.

I thank you for your insight and cherish your wisdom and know that there is one such as you.

You leave me with the question are you for real or make believe,
Can I continue to listen to your words and know that its not a dream.

Poet of all poets,
Treasure in thy heart.
Keep what one has to offer and let the words play there part.

You are like a painting that stands out of all the rest,
I continue to watch and wonder what will he do next.

I keep faith in your words,
And hope in my heart,
Because you are the creator of visions that I know will never loose its might.

I look at your words and listen with my heart for you are the instrument of all healing,

And the poet of one's heart.

Thank you Ryan

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