Sun of my life that brings me light,
Don’t despair for I shall be your loyal knight,
I’ll do what you ask,
Just give me your desired task.

Angel of my life, I’d be very happy,
Just to see your smile and untouched beauty,
I’ll be a servant if you want,
I’ll be anything as long as you feel pleasant.

Raging rivers, unpredictable seas,
I’m ready to cross it if you please,
I’ll go through dangerous jungles, fend off untamed beast,
Just to bring you some relief.

As long as my love for you keeps on burning,
Nothing can tell me, stop me for serving,
Serving you anytime, any day,
Just tell me and I will obey.

Have faith in me for my feelings are true,
They are the purest in the great big blue,
Search the world and you can never find,
Someone who loves you like the way I defined.

by Lendl Ian Servillon

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Nice Job I loved it
YOU WORKED ON THIS POEM, NICE JOB...................