S H A D O W Play

Your shadow leans
against the wall
as if it were contemplating you
and just thinking to itself: 'Wow...I'm part of you! '

Lost in thought
it is caught un-awares
as losing interest
in the colourful displays of
fruit and veg

you flit to another market stall
and it is dragged away from the wall
to fawn at your feet
nailed to the cobbles
and the echo of your next step.

by Dónall Dempsey

Comments (3)

Oh this is interesting..the shadow has got a mind of its own and takes the lead instead of just following behind. beautiful and very very different wishing you and your shadow a beautiful evening Pia
What a unique way of looking at a shadow and to bring it to life by giving it a live of its own. I especially like the last lines about being nailed to the cobbles and the echo of your next step.' I really like the fact that it is not her next step but the echo of her next step. I think there is a lot of you in this shadow and you hold the same views about your loved one as the shadow does. A literally off the wall way of writing a love poem and so by directions finding directions out as Polonius put it. Gina XXX
I really liked this poem and its thorough explanation for something so simple that usually goes unnoticed. Good job.