S.O.S Save Our Selves Signs Of Schizophrenia

Endless day endless nights
What a waste of a human life
Like some kind of terminal disease
Lurking waiting hiding in yourself
Not knowing what lies ahead

Out of the blue for whatever reason unknown
It creeps into you without ever a care
People around you are different or strange
Some are your friends who just stay away
And some are your family who wish you were never

Endless delusions of people who follow me
Wanting me dead or messing with my head
Torturous days of disparity and pain
Voices that can only be heard by you
Pictures and objects that others can't see

How did this start, why me, why now
My life was once filled with happiness and joy
Then came the illness and now it's all gone
Year go by and you can't get them back
You have to start over again, is this some kind of sick

You then come to realize that the things that
Happened never happened at all
But still things are happening voices and all
When will it end it should never have began
So then you try to end it on your own

Pegasus-Cindy Grounds

by Cindy Grounds

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