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They are quite common English words and seen as rather rude
And used by not the nicest of people when in a rotten mood
When someone tell you to 'Sod Off' they are not complimenting you
From these two words of just six letters many a brawl did ensue.

Sod off or S O abbreviated is quite often used by those
Who if they can't beat you with words will punch you in the nose
The anger in some people is not that hard to stoke
It would be fair to describe them as not hard to provoke.

Some people for to prove a point can become rather coarse
And without provocation will use physical force
With a short fuse to their temper they are not hard to rile
And they lose self control quickly and their anger quick to boil.

If someone tells you to 'Sod Off' then it would seem to me
That for you to quickly walk away might be a good idea
For the one you are having words with might have a gun or knife
And he might be one who does not highly value human life.

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