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S.S. Falls
JM (August 16,1988 / Tenessee)

S.S. Falls

Poem By Jon McIntosh

The water roars downstream,
a warning, of sorts, of things to come.

A vessel rounds a rock,
a passenger gives a yelp,
for over the bow,
he sees a drop.

Thunder begins to resonate.
'Man overboard! '

A longboat is dropped,
all but one make it to shore.
The captain remained,
to go down with the ship.

Death now imminent,
the captain prays.

From the shore,
the crew and passengers
watch with hats off,
in respectful mourning of their captain.

Then, the S.S falls,
the captain grabs the helm, all is lost.

The ship now lies at the bottom of the falls called S.S.

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