(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Woman In White

As I look out the window
from where I work
at the car park
about fifty yards away.
Near the fence that borders it
is a tree stump about five feet tall.
Bleached white by the sun
it resembles a woman in a cloak.
It seems to change daily
though I don’t know why.
One day it seems she is praying,
the next day she has what looks like
a basket in her hand.
When it rains, she changes colour
from white to grey.
Now the summers here
and the greenery surrounds her,
she looks like she is walking through a garden.
It is strange how my imagination
changes her from day to day
and I wonder what more
this tree stump figure will give my imagination.
Now this woman in white
has me puzzled as to who she really is.
I can give her many names
of precious people from the past
who may have worn a cloak and gown.
However, for me she is
just my woman in white.

15 August 2011

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Sweet poem....good ending!
Herbert I just adore you poems full of tears and laughter that of joy and sadness I have now run out of tissues. wonderful poem.10+
This is so lovely and warm hearted with a touching ending. You write well in many different genres. I haven't quite got over giggling at ' Relapse Possible ' I enjoyed this, Herbert Chrissie